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Driving Test

George Street Basingstoke

You can book your driving test online.

You will need to provide a car when you take your driving test. This will usually be your driving instructor’s car, but you can use your own. Driving time on your test will be around 35 to 40 minutes; the total time slot is 57 minutes.

Before you drive on test:

  • The examiner will meet and greet you
  • They will ask if you want your instructor to sit in the back of the car
  • There may be a second examiner (rarely – don’t worry) sitting in the back to check your examiner
  • The examiner will check your driving licence – make sure you’ve got it otherwise no test!
  • You have to sign an insurance and residency declaration
  • Eyesight test – read a number plate at least 20.5 metres away
  • You will have to answer one “Show me, tell me” question

During the test:

  • You will drive in a variety of road and traffic conditions
  • There will be around twenty minutes of independent driving using a satnav or following signs
  • The emergency stop is carried out at random on one test in every three
  • One of the following reversing exercises will be done:
    • Park on the right and reverse two car lengths
    • Parallel park
    • Reverse into a bay
    • Drive into a bay and reverse out
  • Park in a safe place on the left at least twice
  • Move off on a hill at least once
  • Move off at an angle at least once (from behind a parked car)
  • Answer a “Show me” question on the move

Read an explanation of how your driving test is marked