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- Richard

" Thank you so much for your help. Passing my test has made the world of difference to me and that wouldn’t of been possible without your help. I would also like to say thank you for all the effort and being so flexible to make the lessons possible.

- Laura Bisset June 2022

"Richard is a professional and experienced instructor. Because of his hardwork and dedication, I passed my test in 2 months . I will definitely recommend him for all learners.
Regards, Mehdi

- Mehdi Abbas Feb 2022

"Lessons with Richard was a pleasure! I had 2 previous instructors and Richard taught me more in 1 month than I learnt with them over 2 years. Richard was very calm and never made me feel under distress. He gave clear instructions and made me feel confident driving, I couldn’t recommend him more. 10/10
Thank you Richard 😁

- Joe Ulysses July 2021

"Richard is the kindest and easiest driving instructor to get along with! Was always calm and patient in the car. Was helpful with theory practice and I never felt pushed or rushed to get the practical test done which paid off immensely! 100% recommend for car newbies!
Thank you very much Richard!

- Amy Little Feb 2020

"Took, and passed, my driving test today – first time! Thank you, Richard, for all your help and patience to enable me to drive safely and confidently on the road.

- Cora Stratford Nov 2019

"Richard is honestly the best driving instructor anyone could ask for! He made every lesson enjoyable and ensured I understood everything that was being taught. Not only is he an amazing instructor, he’s very professional, calm and reassuring. I would 100% recommend him to anyone considering taking driving lessons. Thanks again Richard – couldn’t have done it without you.

- Alisha Rahman Oct 2019

"It was a genuine pleasure learning to drive with Richard, which considering how anxious I was to get behind the wheel, is a testament to his patience and skill as a teacher. I would recommend Richard to anyone in need of a quality driving instructor.

- Ellen Rivers Oct 2019

"Just to say thank you for helping Charlie pass his test today, you improved his driving massively in such a short time, we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you. Many thanks again.

- Spencer M Apr 2019

"Thank you Richard, for making me pass my driving test (with almost a clean sheet) and more importantly becoming a safe driver. It’s been a tremendous progress for me considering where I had started from. Thanks again for all your efforts, patient instructions and friendly criticism to improve my driving abilities.

- Vidushi Mishra Feb 2018

"Just want to thank Richard so much for me helping with my lessons! He was the perfect instructor, very helpful, made you feel comfortable, and gave good friendly criticism. I had a previous instructor who compared to Richard was simply awful. Thank you so much Richard 🙂

- Laura Mannin Dec 2017

"Richard was 100% the best driving instructor, mentor and friend, I’m so thankful for his time and effort and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to switch to wayfarer.I had a not so successful experience with my previous instructor and Richard was brilliant at assessing my current level and guiding me to the point of passing! He made me enjoy driving again and every lesson was completely worthwhile, engaging and fun. I’ve learned invaluable skills and couldn’t be the driver I am today without the tuition and hard work put in by Richard.An absolute no-brainer if you’re considering learning with wayfarer! I genuinely cannot express enough how grateful I am for his absolutely top class lessons!! You’re one in a million Rich!! Thank you.

- Charlita Barrett Nov 2016

"Having tried to get my licence almost 20 years ago and given up in a huff, it was difficult for me coming back to it. Richard has been tremendously helpful and I genuinely couldn’t have got through it without him. His approach to teaching is first rate, and he takes the time to patiently explain the aspects of driving that (for me anyway) are really quite unintuitive. Massively recommend Wayfarer. There are loads of instructors in Basingstoke, but I’m very glad I went with Richard.

- Ben Bevan Nov 2016

"Amazing instructor! I can’t thank Richard enough for all my lessons, he has the paitence of a saint, good humour, very reliable and easy to get along with! I will be and am recommending him to everyone! Thanks again 🙂

- Megan Coyle Oct 2016

"It has been an absolute pleasure learning to drive with you Richard, you have gone above and beyond to help me prepare for today, you haven’t just taught me how to drive but you have taught to trust in my own judgment, self belief and self confidence and I couldn’t thank you enough. You are such a fantastic driving instructor and I could never have done it without you. I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Richard Fosh. You are fantastic in what you do, once again thank you.

- Chinesha Daley Sept 2016

"Thank you Richard for truly being the most amazing driving instructor; someone who is patient, understanding and so constructive. I feel really lucky to have had you as my instructor and will continue to recommend you to everyone I can. Not only one of the kindest people but also one of the best teachers! I couldn’t have done my test without you! Thank you so so much for everything and if anyone is looking for an instructor, you will never regret choosing to take your lessons with Richard!:)

- Abby McMillan July 2016

"Great instructor with a lot of humour, easy to get along with and makes learning a lot easier

- Yuden Gurung June 2016

"Hello Richard, Thank you so much for all your support and help you spent teaching me to drive. Your patience and encouragement prepared me with confidence to make this driving test wonderful experience. Lessons were informative with expert guidance, Scheduling lessons was very simple and flexible. I can say without a doubt that I wouldn’t have made this driving test possible, without your expertise and guidance. “Many Thanks again!” “For Exceptional Quality Driving Lessons Always the Best Mr. Richard” Kind regards, thank you,

- Suma Vemula Apr 2016

"Richard is an excellent driving instructor, very professional, brilliant at explaining everything in a clear and friendly manner. One of the best driving instructor i could ever ask for. I would highly recommend Richard to my friends and family. I cannot thank Richard enough for everything he has taught me. Thank you so much Richard <3

- Sarmila Limbu Mar 2016

"Thanks Richard for all your efforts in making me accustomed to the UK driving. Your professional and patient approach really helped me getting rid of my old driving habits.Your evenly-paced, relaxed training sessions were simply superb to build my confidence level. It was a pleasure to have you as my trainer.

- Rakesh Nov 2015

"Best instructor I could have asked for. So patient and always punctual!! I enjoyed every minute of each lesson – passing was just a bonus!! Thanks Richard for being a ‘top class’ instructor.

- Towela Ndhlovu Nov 2015

"Thanks Richard for all hard work to teach me drive. I honestly recommend him for anyone who want to learn driving car. Most important and what I like about Richard is his honest advice, simplicity, very punctual (always 5 mins early and never late) and patient. It is pleasure to know person like him who has this dedication for training.

- Manoj Shakya – Sept 2015

"Richard is a fantastic driving instructor, I recommend him highly to anyone who is beginning to drive as he will teach you in a calm manner but also give you that push you need to be a confident driver. Without him I wouldn’t have passed and it’s one of the best things to ever happen to me. Absolutely wicked instructor and no one will regret opting for him 🙂

- Yasmin Comez – Apr 2015

"Richard is an absolute amazing driving instructor, he is very patient and understanding and he makes you feel relaxed when you’re learning with him, which is a lovely way to drive. What is super amazing about Richard is that he cares about you as a pupil, he is ever so lovely and I’m extremely happy I finally found you. Thank you again, you changed my life 🙂

- Carla Porter – Feb 2015

"Richard it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed having you as my instructor and will definitely recommend you to anyone that asks me in the future about driving lessons. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have passed

- Harry Barker – Jan 2015

"Richard is a legend, I had a fantastic experience learning to drive with him and he is a man of his word. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Thanks again mate!

- Tom Richardson – Nov 2014

"Thank you so much Richard, passed yesterday first time doing the test, got insured last night and went for my first drive. Amazing, I highly recommend other learners to choose you. Again, thank you! Sorry about the lack of leg room in the back 😉

- Jordan Paris – July 2014

"Hi Richard, thank you very much for teaching me to drive and helping me pass. I got insured on Friday evening so I’ve been driving all day every day since:) your teaching was very effective and you really helped me stay relaxed before the test. I will give your number to anyone I know who wants to learn to drive at college. Best wishes and thanks again:)

- Ollie Lockyer – Jan 2014

"Richard!! Amazing teacher… I have put off driving all these years, but you helped me get past my fears!! I am so grateful that I picked you to teach me to drive, I enjoyed all my lessons with you. And I passed 1st time…… well done you for putting up with me. Will 100% be sending my daughter to you next year for lessons. Take care and thanks SO much.

- Orla Parmar – July 2013

"I felt so gutted and nervous about my test. Richard is such a dedicated instructor and an excellent teacher… can’t thank him enough. I have learnt from him so much about safe driving and above all he helped me pass my test and I felt absolutely over the moon to have passed it now. Keep up the good work Richard see you soon for motorway lesson.

- Aqsa Siddiq – May 2013

"I was put onto Richard by my partner and what a result that was, I’d had plenty of driving experience before but had to re-sit my test. i needed the rusty bits knocked off and polishing up. Richard was top draw, straight talking and good to me especially after i mucked him about a bit changing lessons [sorry again]. The icing on the cake for me was the little chat right before the test, you really put me at ease mate. Legend. I’d recommend Richard to anyone and to pass my partner and her sister that in itself is a miracle. Cheers Mate!

- Sean Stevens – Apr 2013

"Had an awesome time learning with you Rich, thanks for the time and effort you put in to teach me! I will be contacting you soon about the pass plus scheme and I am looking forward to driving with you again!

- Ben Woodward – Sept 2012

"Thank you Rich, it truly was a joy to have you as my driving instructor. You helped me build my confidence, and believe in myself! Just as well I passed after all, as I’m getting on a bit.. Looking forward to doing Pass Plus with you in the coming weeks! Natalie xx

- Natalie Woodward – Sept 2012

"Richard is an exceptional driving instructor. He gave me the courage and belief in myself to achieve when I thought I couldn’t myself. It was a true privilege being taught by such a skilled instructor. Thank you so much for helping me pass, and believing in me. I would definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again for all the support!

- Mark Scott – May 2012

"Thank you so much Richard. You are an absolute star. You are definitely the best driving instructor, having tried many miserable bu**ers out there, that just don’t have the patience or humorous talents which you possess.” I have really enjoyed your company and professional approach to teaching me. I felt relaxed and confident in your lessons which enabled me to listen and learn from you, consequently passing my test first time. Yipee!!” I will definitely be recommending you to all i meet that are wanting lessons!! Many thanks again

- Emma Paris – Mar 2012

"I have enjoyed every lesson I have had with Richard. From the very start he has been friendly and professional and also a really good laugh when we had the chance. Thanks for all the help and support you have shown me throughout and I shall look back with fond memories. Looking forward to seeing you soon

- Luke Ruffell – Feb 2012

"Thanks a zillion times Richard, I passed for the first time – wow! You were recommended by a friend of mine and she was right in doing so, I would recommend you to anyone! Having had no cars in the family and coming from a foreign country, it was difficult for me to start with the driving and cope up with those scary roundabouts & nasty turns, road markings, rules and regulations! It was YOU who made it a fun to learn driving and led me pass for the very first time against all odds of a chilly, dark, and busy Friday afternoon! And, thank you for being so flexible with pick-up/drop-off locations and putting extra minutes to give me those “lectures” 🙂 which fine-tuned my driving to get this pass certificate today! Thanks again Richard!!

- Atul Tiwari – Dec 2011

"Thank you so much Richard – that’s all 3 of our children (and me!) that you’ve taught to drive! Best wishes from Marie Luff (Katie’s Mum)

- Marie – Oct 2011

"I am so glad I decided to have lessons with Richard, as from the very first lesson he made me feel comfortable and relaxed about driving, which helped to calm my nerves! He was always on time and easy to contact, and I always felt I could ask questions, even when I thought they were stupid – and only occasionally would he laugh! I enjoyed being taught by Richard, and feel confident that having been taught by him I will be a competent and safe driver. Thank you very much Richard for being so easy going and patient, and for keeping me entertained with your jokes and stories!

- Emily Bridle – May 2011

"Richard is a brilliant and patient instructor who has had to deal with a lot from me. He made the lessons enjoyable and comfortable. Would recommend him to anyone learning to drive. Thanks for the confidence boost and thank you for believing in me.

- Nikki Knight – May 2011

"Learning to drive with Richard was an absolute pleasure, he is so patient, friendly and a great teacher. It has been a great learning curve for me and I couldn’t of imagined that in two months after my birthday i would have a full license. I couldn’t have done it without Richard and would recommend him to anyone who wants a good and patient instructor. Thanks again Richard.

- Brad Fletcher – March 2011

"Learning to drive with Richard was such a great experience! He taught me everything I needed to know, and more. We got along so well, and it’s going to be weird not seeing him every week now… I think everybody should be given the opportunity to learn to drive with such a good instructor! I also think he should make a Facebook account, so we can all stay in contact with him! Once again, thank you Richard!

- Billy Ambler – Feb 2011

"Richard is known in our house as a legend! First Robert, then Kim and finally Hazel. Robert still holds the record with 4 minors and still gloats about it!! Richard is a patient, kind and friendly instructor who we would highly recommend. Thank you so much for everything.

- Hazel Foley – Jan 2011

"Today is my big day, I passed. I’m so happy and so excited. :))))) Richard, thank you so much for your professional and patient instruction. You are such a nice guy that I’ll never forget. The UK driving license is my first challenge in UK, I GOT IT because of your fantastic teaching and my hard working. I don’t know what to say but Thank you! You are not only a good instructor but also a very good friend in my life. I HAVE TO SAY IF YOU DON’T HAVE RICHARD AS YOUR DRIVING INSTRUCTOR THEN IT’S YOUR BIG BIG LOSS…. Richard, I hope you will have a good holiday and good life with your loving family. With my truly and best wishes. Many many thanks.

- Grace Gu – Sept 2010

"i was very worried about driving at first, seing as my first lesson was in the snow. i thought i did really well, and really did shock myself. richard made me feel really comfortable, calm, and relaxed, throughout the lessons i had with him i couldnt ask for a better instructor. cannot believe i passed first time, again, i shocked myself lol . thanx very much richard you always made me laugh will miss our lessons but now have my freedom . thanx again lindsey xxx sorry took me a while to comment been getting some driving practice in lol xxx

- Lindsey Doublet – Aug 2010

"Learning to Drive with Richard was very enjoyable. I felt as ease because he is very patient. He is a very nice person to get along with. I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive.

- Ross Clark – June 2010

"Richard is a fantastic teacher, he’s easy going, friendly, always on time and very patient. Richard has you driving safely and confidently from the first lesson and he always gives great advice. I would and have recommended him to my friends and anyone else whos learning to drive, Now I have passed my test i wish everyone would learn with Richard as I’m getting fed up with all the learners getting in my way lol, with Richard you never drive like a learner. Thankyou for everything Richard you gave a lot of time and effort to get me through my test it’s much appreciated, if I had to do it over again I’d do it with you lol Thanks again x Good luck to everyone else learning to drive.

- Lisa Harman – May 2010

"Learning to drive with Richard was an absolute pleasure and fun. He has skills and patient to teach any kind of person. I will recommend him to all my friends who want to drive. Once again i say that you thank you Richard for your time and patience..

- Matilda Adomako – Apr 2010

"Hi Richard, thanks a lot for your lessons and it really worths a lot for me. The lessons I have here really teaches me a lot how to drive safe since I have a lot of bad habits of driving. I will recommend my colleagues to Wayfarer if they wish to learn to drive. The teaching here is really professional and effective.

- Wei Feng – Dec 2009

"Wayfarer Highly Recommended folks. Richard is very experienced, determined, friendly and an amazing Instructor. Always on time, his way of teaching is absolutely fantastic which helps you lot to improve quickly and make your driving experience smooth and up to the mark.” “Finally Many Thanks* Richard. Good Luck!!!”

- Gaurav Karvir – Nov 2009

"After taking some time out of learning to drive to go to university, I needed to have a full licence to start my job. Richard quickly helped me develop my confidence and road awareness, which allowed me to pass my test and drive each day for work”

- Steve Cawley – Oct 2009

"I used to drive in India for more than 8 years n obviously I wanted to drive in UK as well. So I started my driving lessons with Richard. He is very friendly and a very nice human being. He teaches very well. If ur driving lesson is for one hour and the time is over, and if u have any queries, he alway solves ur query.” “Everyday he comes with the same enthusiasm…Hats off!” “I got the licence say 2 months back. Now my husband and my friend both are taking classes with him. And they are doing very well.” “You will always feel confident while taking lessons with Richard! “ “THANKS A LOT!!”

- Moushumi Tongaonkar – July 2009

"Richard was a brilliant instructor, really helpful, friendly and professional.

- Fran Daws – July 2009

"Learning to drive with Wayfarer was really good. I was able to take my lessons at any time of the day, seven days a week. I had lots of hours tuition, and passed my test first time – with only two faults! Best of all, I didn’t have to pay for any of my lessons…. thanks, Dad.”

- Lesley Fosh – Sept 2004