Test day tips

Worried about your driving test? Here are some tips to help you perform on the day:Liesha shows how easy it is to pass :)

  • Book a test for the morning - you won't have all day to worry about it
  • Make sure you've eaten - a rumbling stomach doesn't help you to relax. Bananas or porridge are supposed to be good for stress. But maybe avoid that five course lunch...
  • Try Rescue Remedy
  • The examiners are human. If you pass, there's a lot less paper work for them to complete in the office. More time for a cup of tea and a happy examiner!
  • Examiners don't have quotas. You stand the same chance of passing on a Friday afternoon or a Monday morning. It's all down to your driving :)
  • Recognise the effects of stress. You won't be able to eliminate your nerves completely (a little apprehension is not such a bad thing) but - knowledge is power
  • Make small talk in the waiting room. There's nothing worse than silence as those last few minutes tick by...
  • Ask your instructor (or whoever takes you for your test) to sit in the back of the car (the examiner will ask you if you want to be accompanied on your test). Having someone on "your side" could help you to feel at ease
  • Think of all the places you can visit and the fun you can have once you get that full licence
  • You can only fail if you stop trying. Never give up on test - no matter what happens
  • Don't tell everyone when your test is. Though well meaning, friends can wind you up about your imminent test
  • Finally, if you're well prepared, it's an easy test. It's not rocket science or brain surgery, is it?