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Theory Quiz Two

Theory Test cartoon

You are involved in a collision. What documents may the police ask you to produce?
  • driving licence
  • insurance certificate
  • MOT certificate (if your car needs an MOT certificate)
Name three situations where you may overtake another vehicle on the left?
  • the vehicle in front has signalled to turn right and there is enough room to pass on the left
  • you are on a one way street
  • you are on a congested motorway or dual carriageway where lanes of traffic are moving at similar speeds
When can you drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line?

Only when the lane is not in operation - look for signs

How can you identify areas reserved for trams?

Areas reserved for trams may have:

  • white line markings
  • a different coloured surface
  • a different surface texture

What does this sign mean?

It means that two way traffic crosses a one way road

sign two way traffic crosses one way road

You have broken down on a motorway. When you use the emergency telephone what information will you be asked for?

You will be asked for three things:

  • the number on the emergency telephone that you are using (if you are using the roadside phone)
  • details of yourself and your vehicle
  • whether you belong to a motoring organisation

Where would you find amber reflective studs on a motorway?

On the right hand edge of the carriageway, next to the central reservation.
(Red studs are next to the hard shoulder on the left, green where the slip roads join and leave, and white on the lanes)

You are in a collision with another moving vehicle. Someone is injured and your vehicle is damaged. What four things should you find out?

You should find out the following:

  • If the other driver owns the other vehicle involved
  • The other driver’s name, address and telephone number
  • The make and registration number of the other vehicle
  • The details of the other driver’s vehicle insurance

What can be the effect of unbalanced wheels?

Unbalanced wheels can cause the steering wheel to vibrate. A tyre company can sort this out for you.

What does this “Zone Ends” sign mean?

It’s the end of a restricted parking area; typically found in a town or city centre

zone ends sign

What is “Traffic Calming”?

Traffic calming is the deliberate slowing of traffic in residential areas, by building road humps, width restrictions, other obstructions, or road markings.

How much bigger gap should you leave in wet weather between you and the car in front?

The highway code says twice as much as in good dry conditions, and up to ten times as much if it's icy
Highway code rule 126

You are towing a trailer on a motorway with three lanes in each direction. Which lanes are you allowed to use?

If there are three or more lanes you must not use the right hand lane
Highway code rule 265

What is a sign with a brown background used for?

Tourist information

tourist information sign

You are turning right onto a dual carriageway from a side road. What should you do before emerging?

You should check if the central reservation is wide enough for your vehicle
Highway code rule 173

You are driving down a long steep hill - what can you do to keep control of your car?

Use a lower gear as well as braking carefully. You will get more engine braking in a lower gear.