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World Driving YouTube channel

Chris is a driving instructor in Beckenham who make videos to help new drivers. He's really good! Take a look at his channel:

World Driving

Here's an example:


Theory test video

A new short video explaining the theory test:

Hazard perception guide

Watch this useful guide to the hazard perception test:

Emergency vehicles: blue lights

The first time it happens is always a surprise - this video is an excellent guide to dealing with blue lights.

More blue light videos:

Responding to Emergency Vehicles

Blue light run unmarked emergency service vehicle


Independent driving - a spoof

Independent driving was introduced to the driving test in October 2010. For this, the candidate has to follow signs, instead of being given specific directions by the examiner. At the time, there was a lot of worry and uncertainty. I thought I'd put a spoof video online (I used an anonymous account). All my own work, except for the clip from the film "Downfall," of course.

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